21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Review and Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix. I decided to gift myself with this program for my 30th birthday next week! I'm trying to break through a plateau right now, and while I'm willing to put in the work I don't want to spend my time calorie counting.

So far...I am LOVING the 21 Day Fix!

The first workout is Total Body Cardio. It consists of 4 sets of 2 rounds of 2 exercises - got all that? Gotta love interval training.

The Good
Autumn Calabrese! She is a trainer that I identified with the minute I started the first workout. I loved her energy, I loved the variety of moves, and I appreciated that she was motivating without being too cheesy.

The length! 30 minutes and I'm done. I really appreciate shorter workouts because it lets me feel like I can have free time at night or not wake up super early in the morning.

The burn! It's only 30 minutes but it's TOUGH. I consider myself a cardio queen, but I will admit I had to do some of the modifications (which are wonderful) and even pause the DVD a couple times. If you are truly pushing yourself through the exercises you'll feel it!

The moves. I loved that these were very basic moves where I didn't need to worry about choreography. I personally feel strongly that simple is best and it seems like Autumn does as well.

The people. The cast in this workout was made up of all real people which was really refreshing to see. I have a lot of challengers who feel like they are too out of shape to workout, and it's great for them to be able to see that people of all shapes and sizes can do the workouts.

The Bad
The burn! Seriously though, I had to take quite a few breaks and I wonder if I just need more time in between rounds to rest.

Ab work when my heart is racing. I personally don't like to lie down on the ground when my heart rate is up; it makes me super dizzy. The last exercises in this workout were two floor based crunches and I didn't feel great after. Next time, I will probably wait a little longer before I tackle that last set. That being said - my abs are burning which feels amazing.

The main component to the 21 Day Fix is the nutrition plan. It relies on color coded containers that represent food groups. Based on your weight and goals you are allotted a certain amount of containers of each color each day. If it fits in the container - you can eat it, it's that easy!

For my weight and goals, my breakout is:
4 Red (protein)
3 Green (veggies)
2 Yellow (grains and starchy veggies like potatoes)
2 Purple (fruit)
1 Blue (dairy and nuts)
1 Orange (seeds or dressing)
2 teaspoons (fats and oils)

The biggest thing I've noticed in my first two days is just how much food I'm eating! I won't lie, the containers looked really small at first glance but they fit a ton of food. I am also following the Fat Burner guidelines which means I'm aiming to eat all my purple and yellow containers before 6pm.

I'll continue to write reviews of the workouts as I complete them - today is Upper Fix!

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