21 Day Fix Upper Fix and Lower Fix Review

Ohhhhh leg day. Seriously that photo was me just a couple hours after finishing the Upper Fix workout. I had to run out to the car for the dog food and the 3 steps down to my driveway felt like a mountain! 

Day 2 workout was Upper Fix. I loved this workout! There are some exercises in this workout that I really struggle with, such as the Bent Over Row and Push Ups. This is great chance for me to work on them, but it's a painful process. 

The workout is 2 sets of 2 rounds consisting of 5 exercises each. Each round is a good mix of really challenging exercises and exercises that are tough but that I know I can manage. 

Day 3 workout is Lower Fix. There are tons of funny pics on the web about leg day and how wonderful and difficult it is. I agree on the difficult part, but am I alone in HATING leg day? This workout is a lot of lunges and squats because they get the job done.

This workout is 4 rounds of 4 exercises, 2 sets each. My favorite part of this workout was the fourth round: seated leg lifts and quad raises. These took me back to my ballet days - small movements that provide amazing gains in strength. 

Now that I'm through 3 days of the eating plan I'm starting to get a great handle on portion sizes. I have been having some major cravings and my focus has been to stop before I indulge and think through the craving. I am taking these 21 days as a chance to look at food as fuel - not a reward.

I specifically chose 21 days that overlap my birthday and a work trip because those would normally be excuses for me to treat myself. Next week will be my 30th birthday so it'll be a huge test of my willpower not to give in to sweets. The following week (my last week of this round of the fix) I'll be in New York. Two challenging weeks in a row but I am feeling confident. 

Are you interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix? Check out the link above to fill out an application to Join my Challenge Group!

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