WHY I'm a coach

I know I need to take some time and really write my story of how I committed to getting healthy and what motivates me. But right now, I'm inspired to tell you why I became a coach. 

The other night Chris and I were walking to meet friends and I turned to him and said "I don't think I can do this whole coaching thing...I feel like I was foolish and I should give it up."
This was our conversation: 
Chris: Baby, you said you'd give it a year.
Me: I know, but I worry that I'm alienating people and making an idiot of myself.
Chris: Well do you enjoy it?
Me: Most of it.
Chris: Like what?
Me: I love working out and coming up with recipes. I love helping people and motivating people, and mentoring. I love seeing people happy and knowing I helped them get there. But it's hard, too. 
Chris: Well, I believe in you, baby. And I think if you committed to giving coaching a year, you have to see it through. 

We left it there because we'd made it to the bar and I was feeling...meh. About the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I love the support I get from Chris. It makes it really easy to pursue things that are scary when you've got someone behind you no matter what. But...it's hard.

We were at the bar to celebrate a dear friend's birthday and when she came over to hug me this is what she said, seriously:
"Joanna, you inspire me. I don't think you realize how big a part you played in my decision to quit smoking. And I'm working so hard to get healthy, I went to kickboxing twice this week because I thought of how hard you work."

Well, geez. 

Color me foolish. NOT for becoming a coach, like I was thinking earlier in the evening. I was foolish because even though I was saying I love helping people, I was focusing on how coaching was hard for ME...not the work I was doing for others. And if you're in the coaching game for any other reason than to work for others, you will be sorely disappointed! Sure, there are other benefits, but they CAN'T be your WHY.

So WHY am I a coach?
- I want to help people be fit and healthy, and help them understand they deserve that.
- I want to help others understand that being skinny and being fit are not the same thing.
- I want to help people I care about change their habits and take control over their lives.
- I want people to understand the power and strength they have, and their ability to achieve their goals, whatever they are. 
- I want people to know they can come to me and say 'I need help', and know that I'll help them. 

Cheesy? Sure. But if you know me, how could you expect anything else? 

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