Save Time with Meal Prepping

One of the biggest complaints against eating real food every night is the time it takes to cook. YES, I eat a home cooked meal every night and NO, it doesn't take me all night. For the most part, I don't eat packaged snacks and I always have real food for lunch, too.


Meal planning and prepping. I'll share my thoughts on how to meal plan another day, today's post is all about prepping.

Every Sunday I do my meal plan for the week and we go grocery shopping. Costco trips are once a month; since it's just Chris and I bulk shopping is less frequent. Sunday afternoons I take 30 minutes to 1 hour to prep the food we bought.

In the photo above, I chopped up three peppers, 2 cucumbers, made 7 green shake bags, and bagged my green beans for the week.

Here's the breakdown:
- peppers are sliced for snacking with hummus, and for the fajitas we're having this week
- cucumbers are ready for snacking as well, or for salads if I'm caught needing to make a quick meal
- green beans are my afternoon snack almost every day, with almonds.
- the green shake bags are baby spinach (bought a huge container at Costco), frozen mango/peach and frozen berry. I can add these into the blender with my Shakeology and unsweetened almond milk in the morning and don't have to worry about measuring anything.

Typically, I'll also cook up a batch of quinoa or brown rice, and do any other chopping I'll need for the week ahead. This week happens to require very little prep time, which I LOVE.

What else can you prep?
- marinades
- breakfasts like protein pancakes or overnight oats
- other types of snacks: portion nut butters or yogurt into reusable containers to grab every morning
- ingredients for dinner: chop cauliflower or sweet potatoes to roast, bake chicken breasts or brown meat for crock pot recipes

Doing prep on Sunday afternoon saves me 10-15 minutes in the morning, extra time I use to play with my dog (or catch up on TV shows, oops!).

Are you using time as an excuse to eat healthy? STOP. Would you rather "lose" an hour a day now, or lose years off your life? Once you get into a routine of clean eating, I promise the time won't feel lost, it'll feel like time you're investing in your health and your future.

Still feel overwhelmed? I'm here to help. Send me a message if you're interested in learning more about clean eating and how you can make fitness and healthy living a habit! 

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